How aicodoo works

  • learns from your own existing code
  • composes completely new source files, modules, (micro)services, APIs, and applications
  • the generated code is automatically adapted by AI to individual coding patterns, technology stack, integrations, and enterprise architecture
  • aicodoo instantly writes the 80% scaffolding and boilerplate code of a software project and let developers focus on the 20% individual implementation
  • aicodoo gives developers full explainability and easy control about the code synthesis
  • NO grabbing of licensed or buggy code somewhere from the internet
  • NO tool lock-in. You can pull in and push out aicodoo at every point of your development process

You haven't exactly got the point yet, right?
Therefore, I am making you a free limited offer:

Give me the code of one of your role model applications and I will create an AI-based code composer from it.
Then you will see how it works and what aicodoo can do for you.
Please reach out to me:

Email: Alexander Derksen on LinkedIn Alexander Derksen on Twitter

Video: AI-Generated Code

The following clip showcases an experimental IDE extension for adding artifacts to existing applications.

It's like an extremely powerful "code completion": Programmers just write very simple domain code and AI generates all the scaffolding and boilerplates from it.

The created code perfectly matches existing architecture, programming stack, and coding style.